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PVC Helix Suction Hose

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This hose is made from high quality flexible PVC material and high strengthen PVC bones.


Excellent flexibility, light weight, crush and abrasion resistant, smooth tube for less friction loss, smooth cover allows easy dragging, weathering resistant, clear to have full visual flow of materials, corrosion resistant to light chemicals, various lengths available and can be supplied with different couplings and clamps, ideal replace for bulkier and heavier ply-wrapped rubber hose.


1.This kind of hose is an ideal products to use for suction and discharge.
2.It is cystal clear, flexible, bright colors, very easy to know what's going on inside the hose.
3.No odor, environmental protection products.



This hose is widely used for industry in both positive and negative pressure applications, ideally for conveying and suction of water, oil, powder, granules in pump industries, constructions, mining industries, chemical factories and many other industry applications.